Jim Davidson

“Karla is the only candidate in this race fighting for the Massachusetts taxpayer. Massachusetts needs change now more than ever. Please join me in supporting Karla for the 1st Middlesex District State Senate election on November 5th, 2024.”

Jean McGillick

With the Commonwealth on the brink of a financial crisis, we need strong leadership in our State House. Therefore, I recommend Karla Miller for State Senator. I have known Karla for close to two decades and I can attest to her integrity, honesty, and passionate dedication to any task set before her. Massachusetts’ Citizens need and deserve a State Senator who will vote with their constituents’ best interest in mind, not to ensure their personal agenda. Karla will be that voice of the people we so desperately need in Massachusetts.

Matthew Murphy

Karla is exactly the kind of representation we need on Beacon Hill. For far to long we have had elected officials who have spent too much time in government and don’t realize the impact of the tax and spend policies they espouse. It’s  time for new representation in the Commonwealth.

Republican State Committee Woman: Kathy Lynch

Karla Miller has shown herself to be willing to get in the trenches to improve life for the people in her district. Unlike far too many Massachusetts Senators, when you need help, Karla will respond. Karla will bring sorely-needed common sense and perspective to the Massachusetts State house. Her top priorities will be representing constituents by opposing terrible immigration policies and reckless spending while preserving our Constitutional freedoms!

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