Republican for State Senate 2024

As a life long Republican, I became involved with the Republican party in Massachusetts in 2021. I joined the Lowell Republican City Committee, where I am a member and a delegate. When I attended the Mass GOP State Republican Convention in 2022, I served as a whip supporting Geoff Diehl. While helping with another campaign, I decided to run for State Representative in the 16th Middlesex District in 2022. I was unsuccessful,  but I do not believe in giving up. I was also involved with collecting signatures for myself to get on the ballot, as well as other candidates who were running for office. I took an active roll in getting signatures for ballot questions such as Voter ID. I care deeply about election integrity and believe strongly that  we should have Voter ID. I helped organize a fundraiser for a campaign, as well as attending fundraisers and rallies. I feel it is very important to get involved now, considering the state of our economy, and the loss of our freedoms in the Commonwealth.

I respectfully request your financial support and vote to correct our broken system and put the Commonwealth of Massachusetts back on top.

“If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”     Thomas Jefferson

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